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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For ticketing enquiries, please submit your enquiry by completing the online contact form here or call our Customer Service Helpline on +44 3330 032 021.

For general information, please visit our FAQs below.


When will my RLWC2021 tickets arrive? 

If you selected to receive printed ticket(s) during your purchase, these will be dispatched and arrive in the post with you by the end of September.

If you selected to receive digital ticket(s), these are now available in your RLWC2021 ticketing account here: Ticketing 

I plan to be attending in a large group, are there any Group Sales offers available?

Yes, for every 15 tickets purchased, you will receive one adult ticket for free. Please email for further details.

I was successful in applying for keyworker tickets to attend the RLWC2021. When will I receive my tickets?

Your RLWC2021 tickets will be made available for download from 2 weeks before the tournament via our Ticketing site.

What is the concession age?

Concession tickets are to include Children under-16 and full-time students with a current Student ID card. 

Is specific seating available? 

As per the terms and conditions RLWC2021, specific seat selection will not be available. However, fans can now select the block in which they are seated in the drop-down menu when adding your ticket(s) to your basket.  

Can I upgrade my Ticket category?

Unfortunately, we are unable to upgrade your purchased tickets, as we mention in out terms and conditions that all ticket sales are final. 

Does my baby require a ticket?

Any infant aged under 18 months does not require a ticket to attend any RLWC2021 fixture. If your child is aged above 18 months, they will need a Child ticket to enter our venues on matchday. 

I do not need my RLWC2021 tickets. Can I request a refund? 

Unfortunately, as per our Ticket Sales Regulations all ticket sales are final, and we do not offer refunds. 

We are pleased to inform you however, that an official resale platform will be made available for ticket holders, who have previously bought tickets for the RLWC2021 tournament and can no longer attend. Please note, this provision will only be made available for fixtures, which are stated as ‘sold out’. The official platform will provide ticket holders a safe and secure way to resell tickets, while also ensuring it goes to a fan who genuinely wishes to attend the fixture in question. Any ticket holders seeking a refund must submit their tickets for resale via their official ticketing account. If your ticket is successfully resold, subject to the applicable Resale Policy you will receive a refund. If tickets don’t sell, the original ticket holders will still be able to use their tickets to attend the related fixture. 

Please note, the resale platform will not be in operation for any fixture which is designated as sold-out within 2 days of the respective match. 

RLWC2021 cannot guarantee that tickets submitted for resale on the resale platform will be successfully resold. 

Can I view the seating categories for each stadium?

Seating categories for all of our venues are available here.

The venue maps are indicative only and the maps and category areas are subject to change. The maps should be used as a reference only when choosing the ticket category you prefer when buying tickets.

Can I gift my tickets to someone?

As the ticketing account holder, you will have the possibility to forward your tickets to guests. 

As per our RLWC2021 General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Tickets (GTC):

4.1 (a) Ticket Holders may not: (i) Sell, offer for sale, offer at auctions, resell, donate tickets; (ii) Act as commercial ticket agent for another party; (iii) Provide tickets to individuals who have been banned from attending matches by competent authorities or governing bodies in any country; (iv) Otherwise transfer a ticket in any way without the specific prior written consent of RLWC2021.


I am a wheelchair user, are there any wheelchair tickets available?

For any fans with accessibility requirements, we have Wheelchair/Accessible tickets available at all our 61 fixtures.

Should fans wish to purchase wheelchair-accessible tickets, they will be able to do by selecting the "Wheelchair" Category when selecting a fixture on our Ticketing site -

Each wheelchair ticket will automatically receive one (1) complimentary ticket for a companion. 

If you have any other accessibility requirements, please purchase your tickets, and complete the accessibility survey included in the confirmation email. Please note, all ticket requests remain subject to our terms and conditions, availability and RLWC2021 confirmation. 

I do not require a wheelchair ticket; however, I require a carer ticket to assist me on matchday. What do I do?

Please purchase your RLWC2021 tickets here, and complete the accessibility survey below:

Once you have completed the survey, please complete the Contact Form Here, where a member of the customer service team will be able to allocate you a free, complimentary carer ticket.

Ticketing Account

I have forgotten my password to my RLWC2021 Ticketing account. Can I reset my password?

Yes, you can send a password reset email here - Password Reset

If the above does not work, please use the Contact Form Here

I have changed my email address since creating my RLWC2021 Ticketing account, how do I change it?

Please use the Contact Form Here, where a member of the customer service team will be able to assist you. Please include the following details in your form:

- Full name

- D.O.B

- Mobile number

- Home address

I have accidentally locked my Ticketing account. Can you help me unlock it?

Yes, please use the Contact Form Here, where a member of the customer service team will be able to assist you.

Can tickets from two separate accounts be seated together?

As per our Ticketing Sales Regulations, RLWC2021 cannot provide adjacent seats/sections to persons submitting separate Ticket Online Purchase/Application Forms.

I have more than one RLWC2021 Ticketing account. Can I merge two separate Ticketing accounts together, so all tickets are in one account?

Unfortunately, there is no way to merge accounts, so bookings made under separate email addresses must stay that way.

You will be able to access both accounts online by logging in via the respective email addresses and will be able to view the bookings under each.

Print At Home Instructions

Please see below instructions on how to print your ticket(s) at home ahead of your matchday:

·        Once you’ve downloaded your Print at Home ticket(s) from your Ticketing Account, as a PDF file on your phone, your ticket(s) is ready to print.

·        Before printing, make sure you have sufficient A4 paper in your printer’s tray.

·        To print, open the PDF file you downloaded and hit print.

·        Please note that each ticket (one ticket per page) will need to be printed individually through each individual PDF version of your ticket. Each ticket has a unique barcode code and unique seat details. Printing the first page of the PDF multiple times will not work. For example, if the PDF contains 45 tickets, you need to print the 45 tickets by each page instead of printing the first PDF version of the ticket 45 times.

·        Please print your ticket in one sided format and in either black & white or in colour.

·        For each printed ticket, check that the barcode on the ticket is well printed (visible), not cut or damaged.

·        Keep all printed tickets safely and do not post photos of them on social media. Otherwise, someone else could try to enter the stadium with a copy and your entry could be refused at the turnstile.

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